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Salkil is an acid-based feed hygiene powder. Add in poultry diets: table birds, layers, turkeys, ducks and game. 

Improves feed hygiene and controls unwanted bacterial & mould growth in feed, supporting poultry digestive health.

Size: 25 kg

Acid-Based Additive for Poultry Feed

The risk from bacterial contamination of feed and water, if left unresolved, can have a detrimental impact on poultry health and performance.

Salkil Powder is especially designed to help control levels of harmful bacteria in feed and feed ingredients. It contains formic acid (1K236) which has been approved by the EU for use as a ‘feed hygiene enhancer’, effective against Salmonella spp. and other harmful bacteria.

Key Benefits

  • Contains Formic Acid (1K236) and other organic acids with known antimicrobial activity, which help the control of Campylobacter, Salmonella, E.coli and other gram-negative microorganisms in raw materials and finished feed.
  • Maintains a well-balanced and diverse gut microbiota.
  • Supports normal digestive processes and endogenous enzyme production, required to maintain healthy growth and performance.
  • Assists in the acidification of feed, which can improve palatability and digestibility.
  • Supports a strong gastric barrier, which is essential for maintaining general health.
  • Helps prevent mould growth in feed.
  • Formic acid has been shown to be effective against a range of viruses, including Avian Influenza.
  • Ideal for whole wheat treatments for Salmonella to meet assurance scheme standards.
  • Trusted and used by leading poultry producers worldwide.
  • Also available: Salkil Organic - approved by OF&G as suitable for use in Organic Systems, please contact us at for further information.

How to Use

Suitable for table birds, layers, turkeys, ducks and game birds.

Include into feed and feed ingredients using the following rates, ensuring thorough mixing; alternatively, use as a top dressing. 

Standard Application
2 kg/tonne of feed (2 g/kg of feed).

Under severe challenges, application rate may be increased accordingly.

For best results, use continuously.

Once opened, ensure the bag is tightly sealed between use to ensure longevity of the product, and store in a cool, dry area away from heat and damp conditions.

For Safety Datasheet, please email us at

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