Website Terms and Conditions - Anpario Direct

  1. General
    1. Anpario plc is an international producer and distributor of high-performance natural feed additives for animal health, hygiene and nutrition. Anpario plc is a company incorporated in England and Wales and listed on AIM, with Company Number 03345857 and whose Registered Office is at Manton Wood Enterprise Park, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 2RS. Anpario Direct is a trading division of Anpario plc which retails the Anpario range of products (and products of certain carefully selected Brand Partners/suppliers) (the Products) via our website.
    2. This Website, its functionality, information and content is/are owned by Anpario plc and operated by its trading division Anpario Direct. The Website is designed by, hosted through, supported and maintained by IOCEA Limited.
    3. These website terms and conditions (the Terms) apply to all visitors and users of the Anpario Direct Sales Website (the Website)and contain important information about the Website, its content and any restrictions on use. PLEASE READ these Terms carefully and if you have any questions or queries please contact us. Please see our Contact Page for details
    4. These Website may be used by buyers who are consumers using the Products themselves. If you are a consumer then your order will be subject to our Terms and Conditions of Supply – Direct Sales. This Website may also be used by those who are not consumers and/or who use the Products for business purposes other than their own use or otherwise want to commercialise the Products (e.g. wholesalers, distributors or other resellers), or where manufacturer’s use or incorporate the Products in their own products for resale. Please contact us if you are not a consumer and want to purchase, resell or use the Products in this way, or if you want to make a volume order or a bulk buy where trade discounts may be available. Please note any order you make for the Products on this basis will be covered by Our General Conditions of Sale
    5. PLEASE NOTE:by continuing to visit and use the Website (e.g. placing an order for the Products), you have accepted these Terms and understand that these Terms apply to you.
  2. Collection, Storage and use of Personal Data and Cookies
    1. When you visit and use the Website, we may collect certain information from and about you including Personal Data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protective Regulations 2016/679). We will also collect information about how you access, navigate and use the Website and may ask for consent to market to you in the future.
    2. The collection, use, storage and processing of such Personal Data (and other information and data which we collect) is subject to the terms of our Data Protection and Privacy Policy and Our Cookies Policy.
  3. Information and Conditions of use
    1. The Website’s functionality, images, information, content and/or source code is/are protected by national and international, Intellectual Property Rights. PLEASE NOTE: the use of the Anpario Trade Marks or the copying or extraction of images, information, content and/or source code from the Website is Strictly Prohibited (unless permitted by applicable law).
    2. Whilst we try to ensure that:
      1. the information on the Website is accurate, complete and up to date;
      2. the Website is protected against unlawful use and damaging computer code, programs or files (including viruses, trojans, worms or other malicious code or software) by way of firewalls and virus detection and prevention software; it is your responsibility to ensure that your electronic equipment is protected; and,
      3. the Website will be available its accessibility, operation and functionality may be suspended, modified or amended at any time; and,
      4. we give no representation, condition, warranty or guarantee to you in this regard.
    3. If you have any problems with using, navigating or accessing the Website or its’ content or if you need assistance in using, accessing or navigating the Website or any of the terms and conditions, policies or procedures on the Website please contact us and we would be happy to help.
    4. Where other websites are linked, framed or inlined into the Website, we are not responsible for the images, information and content on such websites and:
      1. the use and access to such websites; and;
      2. their use of your personal data and information;
      3. are subject to their terms and condition of use, which we are not responsible for and,
      4. we give no representation, condition, warranty or guarantee in this regard.
    5. We reserve the right to block users/visitors and suspend their access to and use of the Website, including where we believe that the Website or its functionality is being misused or their conduct is in breach of these Terms.
  4. Interactive Functionality of the Website (Including Reviews and Ratings Section and Blog)
    1. The Website contains forums and content which is/are intended to give customers and external contributors the opportunity to share views and to give further information about the Products and Anpario Direct’s services. Any opinions or views expressed by visitors, users and external contributors and any ratings and reviews given are those of the visitors, users and external contributors and not Anpario plc nor Anpario Direct.
    2. If you post or submit any images, content or information to the Website, you confirm that:
      1. you have the right to do so and if you do not own the images, content or information that you have the permission of the owner to do so;
      2. we retain the absolute discretion as to whether we use such images, content or information and you understand and acknowledge that we may delete or remove such images, content or information at any time without notice;
      3. we may contact you in respect of your post or submission
      4. any opinion is your own (and not that of a third party which has paid or otherwise commissioned, encouraged or authorised you to make such post or submit such images, content or information);
      5. it is true, accurate and not misleading; and,
      6. it is not illegal or unlawful.
    3. You must not submit any images, content or information which is/are illegal or unlawful nor use the Website to carry out any illegal or unlawful activities nor submit any images, content or information or undertake any acts or make any omissions which is/are, or which puts Anpario plc, in breach of any law or regulations. Any potentially criminal activities will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
    4. In posting or submitting images, content or information to the Website you agree to waive your (or have procured the owners waiver of their) moral rights and grant to (or have procured the owner’s grant to) Anaprio plc (and any third parties retained by or working with Anpario plc including Google) a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, worldwide, transferable right and licence to distribute, publish, copy, modify and adapt (including to translate and create derivative works from) and to publicly display, publicly perform and otherwise use such images, content or information.
    5. Whilst using any of the interactive functionality of the Website and in posting or submitting any images, content or information to the Website, you must not:
      1. be aggressive, discriminatory, threatening, violent, obscene, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive;
      2. prostelytise, canvas, solicit, request donations or participation in external activities;
      3. provide as part of such use or post, any personal or contact information (whether your own or for any other natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having separate legal personality));
      4. advertise or recommend any third-parties or their products or websites;
      5. act in a way or submit or post any images, content or information which is defamatory, libellous, racially or religiously prejudiced, offensive or biased or which abuses, threatens or otherwise harasses any natural person, corporate or unincorporated body (whether or not having separate legal personality);
      6. knowingly or intentionally introduce any potentially damaging computer code, programs or files (including viruses, trojans, worms or other malicious code or software); nor,
      7. infringe the intellectual property rights or privacy of any natural person, corporate or unincorporated body.
  5. Law and Jursidiction and Changes to these Terms
    1. This Website and these Terms is/are subject to the laws of England and the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
    2. PLEASE NOTE: we reserve the right to amend, modify or otherwise change these Terms at any time without notice