Technical Tip

Orego-Stim® Top Dress Supports the 3 L's Formula to Boost Unit Success

Orego-stim supports the 3 L's formula to boost unit success

Optimal Lactation Performance

  • Increases litter weights at weaning;
  • Increases the number of piglets weaned;
  • Leads to higher populations of beneficial bacteria in the sow, which can be transferred to her piglets;
  • Helps to support sow body condition during lactation.

Supporting Lifetime Piglet Performance

  • Promotes early piglet weight gain;
  • Supports lifetime body weight gain in progeny;
  • Drives finish weights and number of finishing pigs.

Less Interventions Required for Healthy Piglets

  • Leads to fewer piglet removals;
  • Reduces piglet mortality;
  • Lowers incidence of health challenges, supporting overall piglet health status;
  • Reduced requirement for medication, helping to lower overall medication and antibiotic usage.

Ensuring optimal sow gut health is fundamental in achieving genetic potential in both the sow and her progeny. Driving piglet health through maternal nutrition can be a cost effective way to maintain lifetime performance, boost unit success and profitability.

Orego-Stim TD is a free-flowing top dress product for sow diets, consisting of natural high quality oregano essential oil and a dextrose carrier, designed for individual sow management:

orego-stim a top dress product for sows
  • Maintains a healthy appetite and supports feed efficiency;
  • Supports sow gut health and helps promote nutrient absorption;
  • Shown to maintain sow body condition, especially useful in parity 1 and 2;
  • Maintains optimal sow lactation performance;
  • Helps support early piglet weight gain when provided to the sow.

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