Looking After Your Birds From The Inside

By Clare Beebe [National Federation of Poultry Clubs, Poland Club & More!]

On a day-to-day basis we all are used to doing a daily husbandry routine in our flock of birds. Making sure the birds have clean bedding, plenty of fresh water and their daily amount of food.  

During certain times of the year our birds do tend to require a little helping hand to assist them, giving them the best possible chance of a good healthy life. In the winter months they do have a great deal to contend with after going through their moult, they find great difficulty keeping free of illness due to their immune system being maxed out with the stress of producing new feather growth.  

In our daily husbandry it is sometimes very easy to recognise visually when something is just not quite right with certain individuals within your flock, and quite easy to see what is required to hopefully address whatever treatment is required to help ease or eradicate the issue.

However, it is relatively easy to ignore the importance of keeping the birds' insides healthy. When problems arise that are internal issues it is a different matter as it is more difficult to recognise. More often than not we do not see that there is any evidence of illness until things are in the later stages and the problem has manifested to the point of having a no return predicament that unfortunately ends in fatality.

Our seasons are very unpredictable at the moment; in the past few years it has been very difficult for the birds to really know when it is time to moult. This has resulted experiencing what is termed as a “stunted moult” not really knowing if they should drop the feathers or not. In turn this puts a great stress on the bird's metabolic system as protein levels will dip up and down and can really make them feel out of sorts.

The dreaded red mite has had a huge presence this year with the high humidity and soaring temperatures, another hazard the birds have had to endure. This is why it is important that we try to give our birds any helping hand we can and we must look after their insides just the same as we do their outside.

Orego-Stim Avian Complete in our previous packaging

A product that has been on the market for some considerable time called Orego-Stim® was a lifeline for me, I could never have managed to keep my birds so healthy without it, having kept the amount of birds I did it was invaluable.

Keeping large stocks of bantam and large fowl in every colour and size and duplicated in frizzled feathers my numbers were always in the high hundreds so I had to find a way of addressing keeping my flock healthy.

The product is so simple to use as you administer the liquid into the watering fonts, and as I used a huge automatic system I would add the product to each tank of water. By adding this to my yearly husbandry my birds improved in endless qualities. Orego-Stim works on flushing the birds' gut helping to eradicate bacteria that most chickens can easily pick up pecking constantly as they do.

The structure of chicken's abdominal region is extremely complex, having such a productive 24-hour system the length of work that each bird's cycle has to endure is positively amazing. We all know that chickens just love pecking at any given thing and do so on a daily basis, however this does mean that they are extremely susceptible to contacting different types of bacteria that inevitably has to pass through the gut. Just like humans there is good and bad bacteria and it is vital to birds' wellbeing that we ensure the best can be done to help them keep healthy and fit.

This is a great product for helping the birds that suffer from loose droppings and end up with wet messy vents. You will also see an improvement of feather quality and once through the moult the quality of egg production will increase.

Orego-Stim is a natural supplement, ideal for use in organic feeding regimes. Very easy to administer in their fresh drinking water each morning that provides the correct environment to make sure that each bird receives an adequate dosage due to the fact the birds as soon as you open their coup their instinct is to drink.

Same Original Formula = Brand New Look

Old Orego-Stim Packaging
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