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Orego-Stim® Quality Guaranteed from Process to Product

The natural Oregano Essential Oil (OEO) in Orego-Stim is extracted from Anpario’s exclusive oregano strain, cultivated organically in central Europe. From point of harvest through the unique extraction method and onward production processes, we protect the active properties in the natural oil to ensure a high-quality product every time.

Orego-Stim Process to Product Explained


Anpario take quality very seriously and testing starts before plants are harvested. Samples are taken from the crop to determine the levels of the main active ingredients, carvacrol, ρ-cymene and thymol, and at exactly the right time, the plants are harvested and brought to the distillery for oil extraction by steam distillation. Anpario’s procedures of regular and routine testing of our oregano oil is essential and ensures that the Orego-Stim you buy is the same every time, avoiding undesirable variability.


Significant research and expertise underpins the manufacture of the Orego-Stim product range, available in powder or liquid form. Specially selected mineral carriers ensure a free-flowing and homogenous finished powder product. This is vital to any manufacturing process to allow even dispersion in the final feed. Orego-Stim Powder is then packed into foil bags and sealed to maintain the freshness over the two year shelf life. The selection of emulsifier and unique manufacturing process ensures our liquid formulation disperses easily and thoroughly in water for easy application.


Orego-stim contains naturally occurring compounds which work in synergy to offer several well-documented properties and functions of OEO.

Orego-Stim Quality Guaranteed - 100% Natural Whole Oil
Orego-Stim Quality Guaranteed - 100+ Natural Components
Orego-Stim Quality Guaranteed - 0% Synthetic Compounds


Oregano Essential Oil used to produce Orego-Stim consists of 100+ naturally occurring active compounds, frequent monitoring ensures consistent quality batch after batch, which is vital to ensure product performance.

Orego-Stim - 100% Natural Oregano Essential Oil Additive - Supports Animal Gut Health

Orego-Stim Powder and Liquid are specifically formulated to suit on-farm application, for use in livestock (including dairy cows, beef cattles, calves, sheep, lambs), pigs, layers, broilers, turkeys, and game birds.

Orego-Stim TD is specifically formulated for lactating and gestating sows, top-dressing to daily diet.

Orego-Stim Avian Complete is designed for smallholders, backyard chickens, fancy poultry, and cage & aviary birds.

Orego-Stim Pigeon is designed for racing and fancy pigeons, and squabs.

Orego-Stim Equine is designed for horses and ponies.

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