Rumen Stimulant

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Provita Rumen Stimulant is a powder supplement for helping to restore rumen function in lambs, ewes, calves and cattle.

Size: 12 x 100g

Provita Rumen Stimulant Powder for Cows

Provita Rumen Stimulant is a powder supplement that has been specifically formulated to restore rumen function. It is useful as a microbial stimulant to promote the rapid multiplication of the beneficial rumen microflora which is essential for normal digestion within the rumen.

It provides essential microbial nutrients, vitamins and trace elements to help promote the growth of rumen bacteria and buffers to counteract pH imbalances. The beneficial bacteria recreate the ideal intestinal conditions for optimum forage digestion.

Provita Rumen Stimulant is antibiotic free.

Features and Benefits



  • Complex formulation
  • Wide range of ingredients to counteract a rumen
  • Sugars
  • Gives energy to aid recovery and stimulate
    indigenous beneficial bacteria.
  • Brewers yeast
    (Fermentation Product of Saccharomyces
    Cerevisiaes 1026)
  • Stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the
  • Amaferm
    (Fermentation Product of Aspergillus Oryzae NRRL
    458 (4a2)
  • Stimulates beneficial bacteria and fungi in the rumen
    to aid feed conversion. Trial work has demonstrated a
    14.9% increase in digestibility and a 23% increase in
    volatile fatty acids.
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Counteracts acidosis and regulates rumen pH.
  • Vitamins A, B1 B2 B6 B12 D3 & E
  • Counteracts vitamin deficiencies.
  • Methionine & Lysine
  • Calibrated to accurately supply 2ml per compression.
  • Manganese, cobalt and Iron
  • Critical minerals for a healthy rumen.
  • Can be applied as a powder or liquid
  • Where animal is still feeding powder can be top dressed over feed, alternatively it can be mixed with water and applied.

How To Use

At first sign of rumen stasis or after calving, lambing, change of diet, transportation, administration of antibiotic or after operations.

How to Use:

Empty the contents of one sachet (100g) of Provita Rumen Stimulant into one litre of cold water or milk. Whisk gently until the powder disperses and administer as a drench.


Beef & Dairy Cattle - to 200kg

Day 1: One sachet – administer as a split application, morning and afternoon.

Days 2-4: Half a sachet (50g) daily, as necessary, until normal rumen function and appetite are restored.


Beef & Dairy Cattle - over 200kg

Day 1: Two sachets – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Days 2-4: One sachet (100g) daily, as necessary, until normal rumen function and appetite are restored.


Sheep & Goats

One quarter sachet (25g), once daily, as necessary, until normal rumen function and appetite are restored – normally within 4 days.


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