Provita BoviCal

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Provita BoviCal is an oral liquid supplement to help reduce the risk of milk fever in cattle and hypocalcaemia in sheep.

Size: 4 x 500ml

Provita BoviCal Oral Calcium Drench For Cattle and Sheep

Provita BoviCal is an oral drench that aids in the reduction of milk fever in cattle and hypocalcaemia in sheep. It is released over a period of 12 hours, therefore avoiding a large spike followed by a drop of calcium levels in the blood.

It supplies 3.1MJ of glucoplastic energy to support the liver. It is exceptionally palatable and is readily accepted by the cow. The unique soft bottle design allows for quick and easy drenching.

Features and Benefits



  • Organically bound calcium
  • Ensures rapid absorption of calcium within minutes of feeding yet the slow release formula produces elevated calcium serum levels for approximately 12 hours.
  • High Calcium levels per bottle (50g/bottle)
  • Significantly higher than the amount secreted in the cow milk and is five times higher than a calciumchloride bottle.
  • Exceptionally palatable
  • Readily accepted and swallowed by the cow unlike calcium–chloride products which have a strong acidic taste.
  • Well tolerated by the mucous membrane
  • Will not burn the mucous membrane, calcium chloride has a tendency to cause burns to the mucosa of the upper digestive tract.
  • Easily Metabolised
  • After they have been metabolised, the organic calcium carriers perform a significant role as buffers against possible acidosis.
  • Glucoplastic energy in the form of Propionate and
  • Provides significant levels of readily available energy in the form of absorbable energy (3.1MJ/bottle).
  • Unique soft bottle design
  • Ensures quick and easy oral application.

How To Use

Direct oral application to help prevent calcium deficiency.

Cattle: 500ml - Use Bovical immediately before or after calving and before recumbency.

Sheep: 100ml - Use Bovical immediately on appearance of hypocalcaemia symptoms.



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