Genex Poultry

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Genex Poultry is a unique blend of organic acids, essential oils and plant extracts. For use in all poultry diets: table birds, layers, turkeys, ducks and game.

Helps develop a balanced gut microbiota and controls bacteria levels in feed.

Size: 25 kg

Acid-Based Gut Health Supplement for Poultry

A well balanced and diverse bacterial population in the gut (microbiota) of the bird can have a positive impact on the digestive and immune system which is beneficial to overall health and performance.

Specifically designed for use in all types of poultry to help maintain a healthy gut microbiota.

Key Benefits

  • Helps a healthy animal achieve its genetic potential.
  • Promotes development of a well-balanced and diverse gut microbiota.
  • Helps keep harmful pathogenic bacteria under control in feed.
  • The active ingredients including Formic acid (1K236) are known to control the growth of Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli, and other gram-negative bacteria in raw materials and finished feed.
  • Includes essential oils and plant extract that are selected for their ‘triple-anti’ properties: anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Anpario’s unique carrier system transforms the liquid actives into a free-flowing powder, ensuring the product’s long-lasting activity and ease of use.
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut and reduce wet litter issues.
  • Can be used in support of programmes to reduce antimicrobial use.

How to Use

Suitable for use in table birds, layers, turkeys, ducks and game birds.

It is advised for Genex Poultry to be mixed thoroughly into feed at the rate of 2 – 4 kg/tonne of feed (2 – 4 g/kg of feed).

For best results, use continuously.

Once opened, ensure the bag is tightly sealed between use to ensure longevity of the product, and store in a cool, dry area away from heat and damp conditions. 

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