Genex Sow

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Genex Sow is a unique blend of organic acids, essential oils and plant extracts.

Supports sow performance throughout gestation and lactation; helps develop strong, healthy piglets at weaning; controls bacterial levels in feed.




Size: 25 kg

Acid-Based Gut Health Supplement for Pigs - Sows

Maintaining a well-balanced and diverse gut microbiota has a positive impact on the digestive and immune systems of the animal, which is beneficial to overall health and performance.

Specifically designed for use in sows to help maintain a healthy microbiota within the digestive system and for the benefit of her piglets during lactation.

Key Benefits

  • Supports normal digestive processes and endogenous enzyme production associated with good gut health.
  • Includes Formic acid (1K236) which aids in the control of Campylobacter, Salmonella, E. coli, and other gram-negative microorganisms in raw materials and finished feed.
  • Supports a strong gastric acid barrier.
  • Maintains a well-balanced and diverse gut microbiota.
  • Reduces unnecessary energy costs on the sow, sustaining performance efficiency in gestation and lactation.
  • Trials with Genex have shown it supports piglet weaning weights and reduced body weight variation.
  • Includes essential oils and plant extracts which are selected for their ‘triple-anti’ properties: anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Anpario’s unique carrier system transforms the liquid actives into a free-flowing powder, ensuring the product’s long-lasting activity and ease of use.
  • Can be used in support of programmes to reduce antimicrobial use.

How to Use

It is advised for Genex Sow to be mixed thoroughly into feed at the rate of 4 kg/tonne of feed (4 g/kg of feed).

For best results, use continuously throughout lactation and gestation periods.

Once opened, ensure the bag is tightly sealed between use to ensure longevity of the product, and store in a cool, dry area away from heat and damp conditions. 

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